Let Our PPC Management Company Help You Maximize Your PPC Performance

Evodigi Media Offers Full-Service PPC Management. Our campaign strategies are entirely designed to meet the needs of our clients and their market conditions. We provide up-to-date Pay Per Click services include, Paid Search Ads, Video Advertising, Display Ads, PPC Remarketing and Social Advertising. We deliver results that help to achieve the business objectives of our clients. We manage each of our clients’ accounts on a daily basis and constantly monitor bid prices and budget to make sure we are maximizing ROI from the spend PPC.

Evodigi Media takes pride in being one of the best PPC management agencies in Nigeria. We manage PPC accounts and campaigns of many small to medium-sized businesses in Nigeria. From keyword selection to ad-group structures, creating ads to writing ad-copy, ad positioning to user experience, and modifying bids to optimizing campaigns, we do everything to make an impact and boost relevant traffic. Pay Per Click has an instant impact and gives your brand a much larger reach and exposure as a result of first-page exposure on major search engines.

Below you will find our highly demanded PPC management services that have helped our clients capitalize on our PPC skills.

AdWords Management Services
We identify your end-goals and position your ads for your most important keyword at the lowest possible price on Google AdWords. We also ensure the growth of visibility, traffic, and customer acquisition within the range of your limited budget. Additionally, we also offer display ads and text ads on partner websites. We also include Ad extensions when required. We also make it sure that your ads are well-positioned and your Google Adwords PPC campaign conversion optimized.

PPC Remarketing
Our team of professionals will help you re-engage users who have already expressed an interest in your products by developing a strategy that will meet all your needs. Remarketing is one the top weapon of PPC advertising that helps us retarget your prospects who know your offer but fell out for some reason. By managing the cookies and narrowing down the profiles, we target those prospects who are most likely to convert. By doing so, we make sure that the highly targeted audience sees your ad all across the internet. Our user-friendly remarketing strategy also takes care that the remarketing stays different from stalking. Turn your valuable ‘potential customers’ into ‘loyal customers’.

Ecommerce PPC Management
We help retailers reach their customers through targeted eCommerce PPC campaigns on search engines or social media platforms. Keeping your products and end-goals in mind, we figure out the medium of ads and platforms where they will perform better. We keep your shopping feeds up-to-date and adequately track the ad performance. Moreover, we take care of the quality of the ad content and make sure that it is conversion optimized.

PPC Audits
Despite your consistent effort to bid appropriately on an ad account and optimizing it, there is always a chance of overlooking something important. We offer quick PPC audits to our clients in similar situations. We find the loopholes in existing strategies and determine areas that may need attention and can be improved. Even if your account is performing just fine, it is always good to keep the record of how things are going and how they can be better. Let Evodigi help you with that.

Conversion Oriented Landing Pages
Businesses that perform poorly on PPC follow a weak performance hierarchy. They lack the potential of converting a lead because they leave their visitors confused at their homepage with multiple things to focus on. So, we help you create and design specific landing pages for your every campaign or ad-group (if needed). Not only this, we synchronize landing page’s content with the particular level of your marketing funnel it is part of so that your potential buyer doesn’t feel out of place and surely converts.

Paid Search Advertising
Pay-per-click marketing is easier and more cost-effective tool that delivers stronger results if used right. We know everything about PPC. Get your business a positive ROI through our PPC search advertising. Spend money wisely – use the most targeted and cost-effective form of advertising created by our team.

Social Advertising
Need to generate awareness about your brand, product or service? We develop a bespoke social advertising strategy aimed to meet KPIs and your targets.

Display Advertising
We offer individual display marketing strategies and you get brand exposure, engagement, and conversions. We can successfully manage both direct response campaigns and brand awareness campaigns.

Video Advertising
We are experts in the most promising online advertising formats and our team is ready to help you to stand out from your competitors by creating video adverts that will definitely increase your brand’s awareness.

Our outstanding results are due to the complex approach which includes a detailed overview of our client’s business and aspirations for Pay Per Click advertising, as well as a review of all the options and recommending a prioritized list of activities.