Email marketing, when implemented appropriately in Nigeria, has the highest return on investment of any other digital channel. The trick is to send emails your prospects and customers actually want to read. Just like yours, their inboxes are inundated with hundreds of emails a day, most of which end up in the trash without ever being opened. But if you apply the right strategy and send relevant, valuable content in your emails your customers will be excited to see what you send them next.

Why Email Marketing Matters In Nigeria

At Evodigi Media, we have a team of email marketing experts that are ready to help you evaluate your email marketing strategy and make changes that will help you increase your conversion rates. Whether you need help with campaign development, content, design, automation or reporting our team has over 10 years of combined experience in producing superior marketing emails.


Sending an email blast sounds simple enough, but it turns out it is more complicated than it seems. Our team of experts will help you define a strategy that will yield results.

Copywriting & Design

Our team of copywriters will make sure the content in your emails is giving your customers what they need, and our designers will make it look good.

Automation Setup

If you are still sending emails manually, you’re doing it wrong. We can help manage the technical setup for automated drip campaigns to increase your presence in your customers’ inboxes.

ESP Recommendations

Finding the right email service provider is crucial for your email marketing strategy. Our team has used them all and can help find the best fit for you.

Quality Assurance & Email Coding

The last thing you want is to spend all your time writing impactful email copy and designing a beautiful layout only to have it display incorrectly when it appears in an inbox. Our team can ensure that the email is coded properly and displays correctly no matter what device or browser it is viewed on.

Database Hygiene & Segmentation

The heavy lifting of a great email marketing campaign happens in your database. By keeping the data clean and appropriately segmented, you will always be ready to launch a campaign using any segment whenever you want.

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